Anyone for Tea?

Now my previous post was about France and only thought I should share the European love and share something that has more British roots – a Tea Party.  Now I’m at an age where invitations to weddings and baby showers are becoming more frequent and a couple weekends ago, I went to my first tea party baby shower.

Lisa was miss hostess extraordinaire.  Here are a few goodies she prepared:


Isn’t that setting just beautiful?  Here are a few more detailed shots:


Yes, those are finger sandwiches!  It was a fantastic afternoon spent with a great group of ladies playing baby shower games such as match the names of celebrity children, and remembering what baby animals are called.  There were of course the shower gifts which ran the gamut of really cute stuff, although I’m partial and loved the outfit I got for Ethan from Jacadi during my trip to Paris:

Jacadi sweater

Jacadi overalls

There was also this fun onesie:

Party at my crib

What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Lisa certainly set a high bar, and she’s inspired me to try and host my own tea party sometime.  Although it probably won’t be like this kind of tea party, but perhaps there will be some dancing:

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