Long Life Noodles

There are certain occasions that are more special than others and I celebrated one of those occasions recently.  Earlier this month it was my grandmother’s 90th birthday.  That’s right, 90.  That’s three times my lifetime!  Since it’s such a milestone birthday, it only seemed fitting to throw her a big birthday bash.   My mother, being the super daughter that she is, planned a fantastic celebration for my grandma at Ming’s Restaurant in Palo Alto.  And as some of you may or may not know, peaches actually have significance in Chinese culture and represent longevity:

Longevity Peaches

Now what kind of Chinese banquet would it be without some seafood?  Nothing but the best for grandma, so we had lobster:


And finally, the main attraction – drum roll please…. Long Life Noodles!  Bet you didn’t know there was something called long life noodles did you?  To be honest I didn’t either, but in Chinese culture, noodles are supposed to represent long life, although as you can see they were delicious so they didn’t have a long life on the serving plate:


A delightful food experience, and best of all I got to celebrate with my gma and help her usher in a new decade!

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