La Baule – La Plage & fresh, delicious food

After Paris, our first extended stay was in La Baule, a city in the southern part of the Bretagne region of France. It is along the west coast of France and luck was on our side, bringing us sunny weather almost every day, so that we could swim in the Atlantic and bask in the sun’s rays.

Even in town, we enjoyed all the French Patisseries, where I found it difficult to just walk by them. My sense of sight and smell always drew me inside.

The other truly delightful part of the trip was the fresh Marche (or market).

My favorite section was where the fraise (or strawberries were).

A Charming Harbor – Le Pouliguen and Moules and Frites

Le Pouliguen was such a lovely harbor near La Baule. It was the place where we went to eat my first authentic moules frites (or mussels and fries in English). The savory sauce coupled with the perfectly cooked mussels were delectable. The “french” fries were quite good as well.

Not only did we have moule frites, but we had a fantastic gallette with smoked ham and fried egg… YUM!

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