Plant Organic, Oh so delicious!

After almost an entire week of gorging myself on stuffing, turkey, gravy, and pumpkin pie, it was definitely great to have the second SF Eaters of 2009 at Plant Organic, a new restaurant at Pier 3 with fresh, organic and delicious food.  This is their second location after the Marina.  I’ve been to both locations and personally I think the Pier 3 one is much better.  Having the water nearby and the high ceilings and industrial interior appeals more to me.  Although the Marina one is cozy.  I had been to Plant before after a run along the Embaracadero with Fred for brunch, and their smoothies are delicious, as were their eggs, but dinner was an entirely different affair.  We had a good group get together over a bottle of Willamette Valley Pinot Noir and a newbie joined from Bottlenotes who happened to also bring a great bottle of Pinot from Willamette Valley in Oregon.

The food did not disappoint.

We started the meal with the shiitake spring rolls and bruschetta, and also had a nice cheese plate.  The group was pretty hungry so we devoured all the starters in good time.  The mains were delicious.  Meaghan and I shared a couple dishes, which now seems to be a tradition (sharing dishes) since we seem to like a lot of the same dishes.  We had the mushroom pizza with truffle oil which was COMPLETELY worth the additional topping and also had the green curry with chicken.  The pizza wasn’t too heavy – the dough tasted almost like naan bread, and the curry had just enough kick to spark the taste buds, and the lemongrass and mint were a nice touch.  Here are a couple snapshots:

A few of the other dishes of the table, were the duck risotto, which also had some spice:

and the pan-seared salmon.  I didn’t get to try the halibut, but it looked pretty:)

Now by far the best part of the meal were the desserts.  A very classic San Francisco dessert was the Blue Bottle Coffee ice cream with the Tcho Chocolate cake (now don’t slobber on your mobile or laptop screen):

The other one that was a bit lighter and had some tartness to it was the Apple Huckleberry tart:

And while we were enjoying our scrumptious meal and wine, the conversation was scintillating and ran the gamut from tech talk about cool new products like the Palm Pixi to even the latest gossip on Tiger Woods.  It was a media blitz with the juicy voicemail that Tiger left, to the animated re-enactment of how things actually went down (courtesy of Kaan):

Great food and company again, and even some entertainment.  What else could you ask for?

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  1. Fredo says:

    The food and the company were amazing! 🙂

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