Oh Bar Tartine, how I love thee!

Double dates are always fun, but how often do you get to have one with one of your dearest childhood friends, her mom, and your own mom? Not often. So when we all got together for brunch in the city one sunny Saturday afternoon, it was a fabulous trip down memory lane.

Our destination was one of my favorite spots in the city, Bar Tartine, which is the relative of the famous bakery in the Mission that shares the same name. Now I’d only eaten here for dinner numerous times before, but never brunch, so I thought we should try it out. Brunch, might I add is probably my favorite meal. It’s usually enjoyed on a leisurely Saturday or Sunday, at a bustling restaurant, with great company, and the best ones always involve delicious food. And boy, did Bar Tartine deliver.
Most of us ordered egg dishes, and I ordered a poached egg with watercress and salmon:
Which probably was my favorite dish, aside from Ali’s french toast with blackberries, which was yummy too:
After we finished, our server (upon my secret request), brought out a dessert and we all sang happy birthday to my friend’s mom, who was blushing, but you could tell the delight on her face:
Actually seeing her and my mom seated across from us made me realize, wow, if I look that good when I’m 60, I’ll be THRILLED! Although I’m no longer in my 20s, I’m actually loving my 30s. My sources of enjoyment or more diverse, and I find that I enjoy more things in life. I also find that dining with good friends and family is more satisfying than the thrill I used to get from staying out to the wee hours of the morning dancing at the finest clubs and bars with friends. Now don’t get me wrong, if there is great music playing while I’m out, I’ll definitely be out on the dance floor getting my groove on, but dinner parties, brunches, wine tastings, and weekend trips are how I’m spending more of my time these days. It’s really true, 30s are the new 20s. Even Jay-Z wrote a song about it.
What a fabulous meal. A true delight for the senses. Also, if you ever get inspired and want to prepare any of the desserts from Tartine at home, they have a cookbook with recipes that will surely impress your guests!

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